Turnkey Projects

Laboratory Furniture

Our laboratory furniture system with its flexible application units can easily be adapted to new room situations. In this way we can provide a large no of different designs and furniture variants for every functional area of laboratory.

In recent times, the technology has advanced beyond our imagination, yet we keep challenging ourselves to better the technology with every passing minute. Where one eye of the world has shifted its focus in the field of research and development, the other is focusing in upgrading the quality standards.

The laboratory is the birth place of all the major inventions in the world. It is very critical to furnish the labs appropriately to meet all the required necessities. It is the demand of the moment to provide an upright lab infrastructure to ensure that the R & D or the qualitative work is carried out efficiently, meeting the international standards.

Turnkey Solution For A laboratory

We, at Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., provide a turnkey solution in setting up a laboratory as per the demands and requirement of our Clients. Our services include planning, designing and customizing various parameters right from the inception of the project. The various aspects we consider while designing a laboratory includes the stability of the workstations for conducting sensitive lab experiments, the placement of furniture optimizing the available space, number of storages required, the electricity connections, the exhaust systems, special chambers for conducting experiments that are hazardous to environment, gas pipeline connections, easy and quick accessibility to safety tools, etc.

Our Experience

With a vast experience in handling small to transnational projects, we have mastered ourselves in this segment. The materials and the utilities used by us are of best quality from reputed brands. Our client profile boasts of big names like Thermax, IOCL, Sterling and many more. Working in a sophisticated lab facility is the dream of every chemists, analysts, and researchers alike. We, at Spandan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., serve you to live that dream.