About Us

Director Message

First let me thank you for taking the time to visit the SPANDANweb site. My message is simple: Let we become the single source solution for all your business needs! Be it Office interiors or Geosynthetics products /services.

As a Director my goal is to have our staff oversees projects from design to furnishing, from inception to completion while portraying corporate integrity and fiscal responsibility. I take great pride in having SPANDAN team members participate in the transformation of a client's new space into one that is a vibrant, cost efficient and productive work environment. My aim is to have SPANDAN guide a client in designing and renovating a space that upon completion will best reflect their corporate culture and image.

Customer approval and satisfaction are the core values of the company and are the ideals that not only guide me but every SPANDAN member. These criteria have enabled us to earn the loyalty of our clients and gain their continued strong support (as evidenced by their repeat business and constant stream of referrals).

On behalf of SPANDAN and its members, I once again thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site and hope you found it to be both educational and informative. I look forward to hearing from you and in having your company become a valued addition to the SPANDAN family!

You may e-mail me directly with any questions, comments or requests at manojadalja@spandanindia.com