About Us

The SPANDAN Advantage

True Forward Thinking

Our feasibility-oriented process means we'll ask what others won't and leave no detail to chance. The bottom line is no surprises and a complete, growth-oriented solution for your business both now and in the future!

Thorough, Constant Communication

Whether a large project or small one, SPANDAN employs leading-edge communication solutions to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of projects at every level. With the use of tools including Electronic Order Processing, Internet, E-mail, Animated Video, and Video Conferencing, you'll always know the state of your project.

Project coordinators provide a direct communications link to our customers, while centralized project management prepares reports to track and maintain project progress and update all parties involved. You can take comfort in knowing that you get who you meet. Meaning your designer will do programming, production and presentation, ensuring true translation of your project vision.

Qualified, Professional Teams

With over 30 years of team-building experience and industry contacts, SPANDAN is a leader in building more qualified, well-trained and diverse teams consisting of quick, quality driven professionals. And we've developed a turn-key project team, specializing in planning, coordinating and implementing all related services and trades necessary to complete a complex turn-key project.

Budget-Minded Design & Implementation

SPANDAN knows how important budgetary constraints can be. So we've dedicated ourselves to providing real-time project budgeting with real numbers. Through dedicated project management, communication tools and our Accurate Budgeting Guide. This 4-level cost system ensures compliance with budgetary requirements, while maintaining the design vision and accurate scheduling.

Leading-Edge Design

One-third of your life... That's the amount of time experts claim we spend at " the office." Shouldn't it be an environment that is inviting, effective, and environmentally responsible?

At SPANDAN, we say " Yes! "

From furniture and lighting to technology integration and storage, our 100-step design process ensures completeness and a synthesis of form and function while maintaining feasible solutions for your project. And, with expertise in designing modular environments, design-led design/build projects, and " Green Building " implementation, we can ensure your project is sustainable and growth-oriented.